About us

Vitafoam Hungary

Vitafoam Hungary is part of The Vita Group (www.thevitagroup.com), European leader in production of PU foam.
Since 2005 we produce foam in Paks, Hungary, today with a yearly capacity of 22’000 tons.
Beside that we operate a conversion unit on total space of 2’500 m2.

We are totally devoted to fulfill all requirements from our customers:

High quality of our products
Wide range of foams, with different densities, hardness and elasticity.

NF foams – low density grades
VH foams – standard grades
HR foams – high resilience foams
CH foams – combustion modified high resilience foams
VA foams – memory foams

Just In Time – Precise deliveries to all customers
Best commercial offer for our customers



Terms of payment
Volume / Product mix rebates / Bonuses / Target rebates
High level of communication with our customers.


Horizontal cutting, Vertical cutting, CNC and angle cutting on shape, form and dimensions; foam gluing


Cutting and gluing of foam
Cutting, packaging and delivery of foam complets for furniture / bedding
We can delivery rolled /compressed blocks, which contributes to lower transport costs
Consulting in development of new client’s products
Consulting in price / material efficiency on exisiting client’s products
Development of new foam qualities on customer’s request